About the Toolkit

An online CYSHCN-WIC Toolkit was established in June of 2008 to support the work of Wisconsin WIC Nutritionists providing services to CYSHCN.  In January of 2013, the original toolkit was divided in two.  The WIC specific documents, formularies and forms will be housed and updated by the central WIC office within the Department of Health Services:  https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/wic/professionals.htm.   The information pertaining to the Nourishing Special Needs Network, WIC CYSHCN resources and partners, reference materials and mentor curriculum will be housed and maintained at this Waisman Center, UCEDD-based web address.  These two, inter-linking web resource sites, will further expand our ability to provide professionals and families throughout the state of Wisconsin timely access to the resources, training experiences, and referral materials necessary to assure that children and youth with special health care need residing in Wisconsin receive high quality nutrition care.